Kennedy Space Center, 2002


Ch 1 Benchmark Exercise
Textbook Access
Standard Extra Credit Assignment
All students now have full access to the online textbook by visiting http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com and using the following access code for the Civics, Economics, and Geography Florida Edition textbook: QTL4-7DV8-7YNQ
I highly recommend that students bring a usb drive to download the pdf of the textbook at school.  There are no textbooks in Civics that are issued to go home.  
Check out the following resources available in the apple app store:
mcgraw-hill k-12 connected mobile (download the ebook there)
mcgraw-hill k-12 eflashcards for a study tool

Study every night!

Homework notes are due Mon/Tu 8/31(B)&9/1(A).  See below for more info...

There will be a quiz on the yellow words in Ch1 on 9/1(A) and 9/2(B), as well as information from class and the 50 states...

Notes are due on boldfaced words.  Students should write the word and then

1. What it is/definition.
2. Why it is important. 

Students will be tested by the county and state on end-of-course exams on all unit benchmarks for the year, so extra effort needs to go into learning and remembering this information all year (and beyond).
Unit 1 Benchmarks:

  1. 50 states and capitals
  2. Locate territories and protectorates of the U.S.
  3. Use maps to identify the divisions and boundaries of North America
  4. Locate and identify major U.S. cultural landmarks
  5. Locate and identify major physical landmarks of the U.S.
  6. Understand the influences of physical characteristics, natural resources, climate, and location (absolute and relative) on the settlement, economies, and government relations in North America.
  7. Understand the major cultural regions of North America.
  8. Use maps to determine the location, abundance, and variety of natural resources in North America.
  9. Examine and explain patterns of cultural diffusion in North America.
  10. Understand the importance and distribution of demographic characteristics in the U.S.
  11. Use a map to examine local issues of conservation and ecology.
  12. Use GIS or other technology to examine data about the U.S.

Remember to get your login to the online textbook (www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com).  The redemption code is QTL4-7DV8-7YNQ
There will be online assignments found there, as well as voluntary activities and reading.

Go to http://nhd.org/CreatingEntry.htm for History Fair rules.

Griffins’ Team News 2015

Welcome to Seventh Grade!

We are looking forward to an exciting new year, and we hope you are ready to get off to a great start.  This letter will provide some basic information which will help to assure your success, so pay close attention to its contents. It is our goal to assist students in developing their own intellectual curiosity.  As young learners grow into scholars, they begin to participate in their learning by self-motivated research, and by applying creative solutions in a manner beyond their years.  For their brilliance to shine effectively, students must acquire a degree of organization, a skill we will do our best to teach, with a lot of support from parents.

Workload: The team will work together to avoid burdening students with too much homework.  We will do our best to limit tests to two per day (there may be exceptions), and to avoid tests on dates major projects are due.  Quizzes are possible on any day in multiple subjects, but students will have notice in advance, and will not be overly stressed.  Homework will average 20-30 minutes per subject per night.

 Materials: Please refer to the teacher policies. It would be best for students to have a flash drive used only for school related purposes. Please donate a box of tissue and hand sanitizer to your child’s homeroom. 

Team Policies:

1. Have an agenda, 2 pencils, pen, paper, notebook, and the appropriate book for each class.

2. Every subject must have an agenda entry every day.

3. No late work- Each team teacher has a specific amnesty policy which can be applied to one assignment, but not any assignment, per nine weeks.

4. Be seated with materials out BEFORE the bell.

5. Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak. Stop talking immediately if a teacher speaks or raises his or her hand.

6. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses the class. Do not pack-up early.

7. No food, drinks, gum, candy, etc. in the classroom.

8. Keep the classroom clean. Be prepared to do your part in cleanups.

9. Behave properly in the halls and other “anonymous” areas.

10. Please be considerate of others. Act like ladies and gentlemen at all times.

11. Grade recovery no longer exists. When the teacher determines the situation warrants, students may be allowed to retake failed tests. Students must immediately request a second chance opportunity to demonstrate proficiency.  Please help this process by weekly monitoring of Oncourse.

12. The only packs allowed into classrooms are small string packs. Make certain that your main backpack fits into your locker.

13. Teacher conferences are to be scheduled by an email request to the teacher. Conferences are generally held immediately after school on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Mrs. Pekarek    Pekarekr@duvalschools.org

Mr. French      Frenchp1@duvalschools.org

Mr. Peterson   Petersonm2@duvalschools.org

Mr. Williams    Williamsj15@duvalschools.org 

Ideas to remember:

Mini-Poster (12in.x14in. max) assignments are worth 50 points. They are judged on: Visual Quality(5pts), Content (include 5 important facts and/or contributions-40pts) and Accuracy. Put a bibliography (list of sources) on the back(5pts).

Study notes from class and the book 20 minutes each night! Quizzes will be based on the boldface words in the text. Tests include information from all the chapter and class information, the most important of which is on the board.

Textbook URL:http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do

Parents, please fill out a volunteer application if you wish to chaperone an upcoming field trip.  A copy of your volunteer  card will be required with the field trip form.

Important Upcoming Events!

Watch here for dates of upcoming field trips and other out-of-school activities.

We are planning a trip to Kennedy Space Center.  We will leave JWJ at 6:30am and return at 7:00pm. We will be using private motorcoaches. Chaperones must fill out a JWJ volunteer form, and have been cleared by the county as a volunteer (use the link posted above asap). 

Stargazing on Friday evenings...tba

Awesome earthquake website:

Check out these websites for astronomy information:
>Picture of the Day
Robotic Telescope You Control


History Fair Information

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